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QYOURECLO is a china leading high-quality OEM golf clothes manufacturers factory for mens, womens and kids golf apparel, including golf polo shirts, golf shorts, golf pants and golf dresses, as well as accessories such as mask and hats. Our golf clothing factory has a strong focus on providing the best possible products to our customers, and we are committed to using the latest technology and materials to ensure that our golf apparel meet the highest standards.

Our golf clothes manufacturers factory is a 8 years of experiences and well-equipped factory that is staffed by a team of highly skilled designers, technicians, and quality control personnel. We have invested heavily in our manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure that we are able to produce high-quality golf apparel efficiently and cost-effectively. Our golf clothing factory is also have strict quality control teams to ensure that all of our golf products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Through 8 years of continuous efforts and the services of our professional foreign trade team, we have built strong relationships with numerous golf clothing brands and clubs around the world. QYOURECLO factory focus on quality and innovation has helped us build a reputation as a high quality OEM factory in the golf industry, and we constantly strive to expand our presence and reach new customers.

In addition to our high quality golf clothes, we also place great emphasis on providing excellent customer service. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences, and we are always available to answer questions and provide support. We also offer a range of customization options, such as custom golf clothing fabrics, sizes, logos, packaging, etc., allowing our customers to create unique, personalized golf clothing that meets the specific requirements of their brand.

Overall, our Golf Clothes Manufacturers Factory is a dynamic and growing company dedicated to providing the best golf apparel and services to our customers. With our focus on quality, innovation, customer service and customization, we are well positioned to continue to grow and succeed in the highly competitive golf clothing industry.


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QYOURECLO is a OEM golf clothes manufacturers factory special in mens, womens and kids golf wear, including golf polo, golf shorts, golf pants and golf dresses.

Why Choose Us

Started to cooperate with the most professional golf clothes manufacturers factory now

8+ Years Factory

Over 8 years of high-quality golf clothing manufacturers

150+ Workers

QYOURECLO have more than 150 experience workers for golf clothes production.

Free Sample

If your order is more than 100pcs, all the sample fee will return to you.


All our products MOQ is 100pcs for 1 color and can mix size.

OEM Service

QYOURECLO OEM golf clothes manufacturers factory can provide one-stop service for our customers, we can custom fabric for golf clothing, usually we use polyester spandex blend, but we can do any fabric you need for your clothes. For your brands logo, we have lots of logo crafts to do, like scren print, embroidery, DTG, sublimation and so on, we will choose the best printing methods for you according your logo. lasts but most important, we can custom size label, neck label, hand tag, pacakge for your brands, and you just need make order, all the things we will do for you.

golf clothes manufacturers

Custom Fabric

QYOURECLO have lots of fabric for golf clothes, such as bamboo fabirc, eco-friendly fabirc and polyester spandex blend, etc. aslo we can custom any fabric you need.

golf clothes manufacturers

Custom Logo

QYOURECLO can accept lots of logo printing methods like screen print, embroidery, DTG, Sublimation and so on.

golf clothes manufacturers

Custom Package

QYOURECLO can custom neck label, size label, handtag, package bag and package boxes for your brands.

More About Our Golf Clothes Manufacturers

Our golf clothes manufacturers factory is located in Humen, Dongguan, China, with state-of-the-art facilities and world-class production capabilities. The plant covers an area of 3,000 square meters and is equipped with the latest machinery and technology to ensure the highest quality golf clothing.

Our golf clothing factory employs more than 150 experienced workers, 80% of whom have been with us for more than 3 years, who are professionally trained in all aspects of the production process, from fabric sourcing to finished product inspection. We are very proud of our staff, which is made up of dedicated and experienced professionals who are dedicated to producing the best golf apparel on the market.

QYOURECLO have a strict quality control system to ensure that every piece of golf apparel out of the factory meets our strict standards. Our team of quality inspectors meticulously check every piece of clothing for defects, ensuring that our customers receive only the best products.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we are also committed to sustainability. We have implemented a number of environmental protection measures in the production process, including the use of environmentally friendly materials and energy saving technologies.

QYOURECLO golf factory is capable of producing a wide range of golf apparel including golo polo shirts, golf pants, golf shorts and golf dresses. We are also able to customize our products to meet the specific needs of our customers, including using custom fabrics, colors and designs. 

golf clothes manufacturers
golf clothes manufacturers
golf clothes manufacturers
golf clothes manufacturers
golf clothes manufacturers
golf clothes manufacturers

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